Ever feel like you’re not getting the most of Eve? This could be due to the corp you’re in. Joining a corporation in Eve is easy. Joining one that you like is hard. Having had negative experiences in other corps ourselves, we know firsthand the challenges of community building and making friends. As a result, we have and still continue design an easy and enjoyable corporation experience like no other.

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The Argo Navis

50+ Members

The Argo Navis is an Industrial and PVP Corp with bases in Stacmon (High Sec) & Syndicate (Null Sec). Named after the biggest visible constellation from Earth it stands as a symbol for uniting players globally under a unified mission. Culture is at the center of the the corps identity and is one of the reasons for its fast and continual growth.

Space Cadets Alliance

3 Corporations (100+ Members)

The alliance is made up of Corporations who are aligned in culture and missions. Being a member of the alliance ensures continual backing of support of the member corps expansion goals.

Coalition Canopus

5 Alliances (1000+ Pilots)

Coalition Canopus is the foundation for ensured security and growth of its alliance members. Maintaining Stacmon & Syndicate region - the coalition continues to maintain its influence and ensure success for all its 1000+ pilots.